Metar s.r.l. has been operating for over 25 years in the production of metal components designed for the furniture industry. Thanks to the experience gained, the company is now challenging the market with the ambitious objective of harmonizing, with the help of its technical and production staff, the ever-increasing demands of the customer-company with the different requirements of the national and international commercial scenarios to which the product is addressed - each characterized by its own uniqueness, products, choice of shapes, finishing and material combinations.
As a result Metar will be able to meet the following customer requirements:
  • Product consultation
  • Feasibility study: from an idea to a prototype.
  • Choice of the most suitable materials to guarantee product operation and durability without compromising the aesthetical balance that characterizes it from the design phase.
  • Workmanship optimisation: simple and optimised production processes allow obtaining competitive products on the market as well as high quality contents.
  • Production flexibility
  • Quality control:
    • Selected partners
    • Definition of each internal production process
    • Human resource management
A selection of raw materials, inspection of semi-finished products and components, internal production process control, definition and regular check of the conformity with the quality standards defined by Metar, are the basic guarantee of the final product quality in the customer’s interest.